"Doo Wopp Shop"

In 2002, After 27 years on the air, Don K. Reed's "Doo Wopp Shop", then New York's only major station "Oldies" program, was pulled from the air by WCBS-FM.

I miss the show. All New York misses the show.

Don's show was the last place in New York City that a recording artist could be interviewed on the air; on the musical subject of his or her choice. It was the last place that New York radio listeners could hear directly from their Rock 'n' Roll favorites.

An artist would walk into Don's studio and Don would ask, "What would you like to talk about tonight and which of your songs would you like me to play?"
When Don's show went down, New York lost a resting place for Oldies fans, weary of today's music
and today's impersonal radio.

Here's to Don K. Reed. Thanks for the memories.
Paul Evans

Don K Reed and Paul
Don and Paul after Don introduced Paul at a LAR Productions concert.

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