Promo photo

Music Vendor magazine

An early publicity photo for RCA

"Midnite Special" Music Vendor cover

New York Performance

Paul and Fabian

Paul singing his first big hit, "Seven Little Girls"
for a New York audience.

Paul and Fabian at Paul's first "Oldies" concert,
Fayetteville, NC  1998



Backstage with Donny Osmond while
promoting "Hello, This Is Joannie"
London  1979

Performing at a private party. 2003
(Photo by Sherman Farber of Chester, NY.)


American Music Magazine

Made for me years ago by my mother-in-law, these jeans featured a sequined, appliqued Juke Box on my ... how shall I put it ? ... my butt!
The only trouble with wearing those old, faithful jeans on stage is that I have so many requests to have my picture taken - from the rear !

The cover of the Swedish magazine,
"American Music", June, 2002.
With a great feature article on Paul.


In his book, "Rock, Roll, and Remember", Dick Clark gives Paul credit for inadvertently giving Bobby Rydell's career a boost. For one of his Saturday shows, Dick needed someone from the audience to play the part of Fred and sit in the back seat of Paul's car. Who did he pull from the audience? The still unknown Bobby Rydell.

In his book, "Clapton: The Autobiography", Eric Clapton says that the first 45 record that he bought was "When", the Kalin Twins big hit, written by Paul.

During an interview for "Shake, Rattle, and Roll", John Fogerty was asked where he got the idea for recording "Midnight Special". He said, "I remembered hearing Paul Evans sing the song on the radio and it blew me away. I just added a little more vibrato to the mix and sang it the way Paul did."

While promoting his cult film "Pecker" on NPR, John Waters (the director of "Hairspray") said that he chose Paul's recording of "Happy-Go-Lucky Me" as the theme for the movie because of its "diabolical happiness". Very COOL!

(Note: "Pecker" is "R" rated. "Happy-Go-Lucky Me" is not.)


From Elvis Presley's CD, "Pot Luck":
Paul Evans and Al Byron were one of the hottest teams of 1962; their "Roses Are Red" was a #1 record for Bobby Vinton that year. Evans had also written "I Gotta Know" for Elvis, and would later write "The Next Step Is Love." Tender and wistful, the team's song, "Something Blue", was perhaps a little too muted for single release, but featured a stellar performance. (Check out Paul's article, Writing for Elvis)


From Dick Clark's note on Paul's CD, "I Was a Part of the 50's".
"Paul has made a distinctive mark on the music you and I have enjoyed over the years."

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